5 Studies of Artificial Environments
Sound Installation

The sound segments contained in this project are studies of urban sound environments. Sounds are captured using a pair of binaural field microphones which preserve the delicate cues our ears use to perceive the various sounds in a given soundscape. The recordings are then brought into the digital domain for editing and mixing. Many of these recordings highlight those aspects of sound often viewed as undesirable, including noise from wind and air traffic, electrical interference, spontaneous recording artifacts, and sudden acoustical interruptions. Some segments contain immediately recognizable sounds, while others have been intentionally manipulated beyond the point of recognition. Sounds for this project were collected from many locations around the world, including Taipei, New Orleans, Detroit, Toledo, and the Chicago area. Each segment tells its own story, evokes a unique mood, and creates for me an unusual sonic space with a complexity that rivals the natural world.

1 Do You Hear What I Hear
2 Noas Storm Warning
3 Touring Machine
4 Anomalous Meteorological Synthesis
5 Mantissa's Forbidden Rocking Chair